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For the first time

The messenger, which is financed, tested and promoted on the basis of crowdinvesting. The messenger that belongs to you. The first messenger, which is profitable to tell!


The active application of Fintech technology allows you to easily earn money, make purchases in the Marketspace and make free money transfers to any user.


Bots (information robots) will make your communication as quick and comfortable as possible. With the help of bots you earn money, make purchases, make your own business in the messenger.

More than 7 million people have already chosen Gem4me!




Participate in the venture project of creating the Gem4me messenger. 

The first project of creating a mass-used application in which you are invited to participate!

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A market with billions

  • Viber $0,9 bil
  • KakaoTalk $2,9 bil
  • Momo $3,0 bil
  • Slack $9,0 bil
  • Line $9,3 bil
  • Snapchat $23,8 bil
  • WhatsApp $80 bil
  • WeChat $83,6 bil
0 bil
Price per one user - $30

How to earn on this market?

Hundreds of millions of dollars are needed for the creation and promotion of a mobile application. Developer teams don’t have such capital and are in need to attract investors. 95% of shares of a company doesn’t belong to developers, but rather to its major investors at the moment the application is sold.

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  • $15 thsd
  • $24 mil

Investments at the right place and at the right time

In 2012, Saint Francis school’s Board of Trustees in California invested $15 thousand into Snap company, which had just started creating the Snapchat messenger at the time. After the Snap company released an IPO in March of 2017, the school earned $24 million by selling two-thirds of it’s shares.


To create

an attractive mobile application Gem4me.

2 mil 1 mil 1 thsd 50-100 millions 2015 2016 2017 2018


the user base to hundreds of millions of people.

bill $

To sell

the successful application to a large company or a trust.

$ $ $ $ $ $

To distribute

all the received funds between the shareholders.

main stages of the project’s implementation


  • 05.2014 Project’s initiation
  • 11.2014 First Android version


  • 01.2015 First iOS version
  • 11.2015 Transfer to the Synesis company of developers


  • 01.2016 First thousand of users
  • 12.2016 Introduction of voice calling


  • 05.2017 Native version for Android
  • 07.2017 Native version for iOS
  • 07.2017 Launch of the web-version
  • 08.2017 Introduction of p2p voice calling
  • 12.2017 4 million of users
  • 12.2017 Introduction of conference calls for up to 64 participants


  • The messenger is developing on a rapidly growing market that can not be monopolized   
  • We have one of the most competent and professional team of developers.   
  • Our messenger integrates the latest technologies: fintech, bots, «conversational commerce», Marketspace, MakeMoneyBot, and advertisements 
  • Confident financing: crowd investing and the referral program 
  • Uniqueness: the Army of fans for testing and promoting the application

Gem4me. Much more than just a messenger


Messenger’s functionality of a premium level.



Financial Services



A platform for organizing interactions with various outside services, companies and entrepreneurs.


commercial platform

Advertising on several platforms for monetization of the application.


Gem4me possesses complete functionality of a premium-level messenger. In addition, exclusive elements that are at the peak of modern trends in mobile applications are implemented within the messenger: financial technologies, Marketspace, bots.

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The use of Fintech technologies transforms the Gem4me application into a convenient instrument for your financial interaction with the world.

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Bots turn Gem4me into a unique platform where a large amount of companies and private entrepreneurs find the quickest way to a consumer - a user of the application. Bots help Gem4me users to receive earnings, make purchases and conduct business.

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Marketspace - a global commercial platform that unites millions of buyers and sellers, makes the process of purchasing and selling products or services quick, comfortable and secure for all of it’s participants.

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A unique service that allows for users to receive fast and modern earnings by promoting mobile applications of various developers.

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Gem4me considers several commercial channels. Availability of commercial channels and earnings from Fintech - is the monetization that makes the messenger attractive for potential investors and buyers.

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Welcome to the very first project of creating a messenger of the people! We combined tens of thousands of people from various countries of the world in order to create the best mobile application in the world.

Project Gem4me is a unique combination of opportunities for an international administrative team, professional developers, as well as, investors and the Army of fans that are financing and promoting the application.


The main goal of the Gem4me Investments Plc is financing the creation and promotion of the Gem4me application throughout the world. The final goal is to sell the application and distribute the earnings between shareholders.

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The legal structure of the project allows for investors from all over the world to securely finance the creation of the Gem4me application and receive financial profits after the sale of the application.

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investors of the people’s messenger project
developers and administration (Switzerland)

investment plc

Preferred Shares
Common Shares
gem4me holdings ltd (Malta)
  • Asset 3
    developers (Synesis and other)
  • rocket
    promotion (Google and others)
  • Referral program
  • admin
    Project’s administration

Business Partners


Andrzej Pluta

Ksaveruv, Poland
Gem4me is a unique chance for everyone! I have never been a part of a company that has such an exclusive and wonderful product as our Gem4me messenger. I am convinced that this is a true brilliant of opportunities that are available for investors. I am astounded by the help that the company’s administration and support team are providing us with - that is a major plus for the company. And, of course, I am happy that we have an opportunity to receive major earnings!

Arkadiy Ostrokon

Kiev, Ukraine
I have been working with investments professionally for 6 years now, hence, I am very practical when it comes to investments. After studying the Gem4me project in much detail I became an investor and purchased 2 of the top-offered packages. I am an investor and I protect my investments. That is why if I am asked: “Can one invest into the project now?”, I will answer with utmost confidence: “Most definitely! But only in case you are mentally ready for truly large amounts”. What Gem4me is working on currently is a necessity for the whole world and every modern person. I trust my money not because I trust the Company, but because I see how fast it is developing. Today I want to be there, where everybody will be tomorrow!

Lyudmila Strachkova

Maple, Canada
Each of us has our own needs and desires, our own goals and plans. And yet we are all united by one mutual idea and goal - to make our Gem4me messenger the most interesting, convenient, the most practical and needed mean of communication for people of the world. We created our Gem4me ourselves, and it became a true messenger of the people!

Elena Gir’

Perm, Russia
I am a happy person! I am working with something that not only brings me earnings, but also moral satisfaction! When a person decides to change his or her life after having a meeting and is happy about his financial achievements a few months later, I realize that there is my input to his success, and that cannot be measured by any amount of money! When teams of my partners are growing in various cities and countries, I become overfilled with proudness for our project, for our international team that becomes stronger day by day! Thank you, fate, that I am in the right place with the right people and at the right time, helping myself and many others to make their dreams come true!

Lyudmila Muravyeva

Kishinev, Moldova
When I am asked: “Why are you a part of this company?”, I always answer the same: “Gem4me - is the golden bottom!”. For the first time in the world, simple people of any profession and status on all five continents of the world write the fantastic story of a crypto-messenger with functionality that surpasses all existing analogies and earn great amounts while doing so! Secure communication, commission-free monetary transfers through the financial service, commercial platform, mobile Digital Bank, passive earnings- that is what attracts me to Gem4me! I am very happy to participate in such a grandiose project that provides financial freedom for my family!

Aya Mikeeva

Almaty, Kazakhstan
I am proud of the fact that I am a part of developing the Gem4me people’s messenger! Each day I see how Gem4me is gaining new qualities and unique functionalities. I am proud of the fact that the frontier of 3 000 000 downloads has been successfully achieved! Part of that is due to my efforts, as well as everyone who is actively participating in our project! Soon enough we will have 10, 20, 200 million… I know this for a fact! All of our great team: The Board of Directors, developers and the Army of fans-partners will celebrate the long-awaited victory! We are in the trend, that is a fact! Simply remember - messenger Gem4me will be in every smartphone soon enough!

Edwin Soru

Kupang, Indonesia
I got acquainted with the Gem4me project in May of 2017 and instantly decided to become an investor. I understand the importance of Information Technologies in the modern world and think that Gem4me - is the best resolution in the area of messengers today. The unique functionality of the messenger, bots, financial plugin, Marketspace, Google support, entrance to the market of encrypted currencies and dependable management allow for us to take leading positions on the market and will provide unbelievable profits for those who are participating in the project today. I am sure that great future is awaiting this project! That is exactly why I am here! Invest in Gem4me today! This is a one in a lifetime opportunity!

Olga Hramova

Bataysk, Russia
Each year mobile applications are gaining in popularity, and Gem4me emerged on this wave - the messenger of a new generation. It is a modern, secure and bright application with numerous capabilities, financial plugin, bots and Marketspace. I became actively involved in promoting Gem4me, as I see the unlimited opportunities and a bright future in it. Today, Gem4me is helping me to have amazing earnings and helps me to make my dreams come true. I choose Gem4me!

Evelina Oshlizlo

Zhechuv, Poland
Gem4me - is not just a messenger, but also a superpower! This power removes boundaries, destroys obstacles and unites people all over the world. I believe that Gem4me will conquer the world and will help many people to make their most desired dreams come true. I am with Gem4me with all of my heart! I am very grateful to the creators of this application for the opportunities that we have today!