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The “Double CCA” Promotion


Dear friends!

We are pleased to introduce the “Double CCA” promotion which will help all the partners to drastically increase their Coefficient of Corporate Activity!

Conditions of the promotion

Each purchase of a package Invest or sponsoring the purchase yields double the coefficient of corporate activity (CCA) to partner/sponsor during the validity period of the promotion.

Validity period of the promotion: February 18- March 2 of 2020.

Please note! The “Purchase a Super Package”, “CCA — 10: Maximized Advantages” and “Gift Portfolio of Shares” Promotions are all valid simultaneously with the “Double CCA” promotion. 

Be sure to use this unique opportunity in order to receive the maximized coefficient of corporate activity, which will generate a maximized investment return in the future! We wish you luck and prosperity!

Gem4me: earn with us!

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