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Hello, friends. The first quarter of 2021 has come to an end, which means that it is time to wrap it up and discuss plans for the future.

Calls are one of the key features of Gem4me that we are constantly working on, and the past quarter was no exception. Last year we introduced the function of group calls and conferences, but if earlier it could only be used in small group chats of up to 50 users, now it has become possible to organize group calls and conferences for 1000 people.

The second area that we are actively developing is channels. In the first quarter, Gem4me introduced analytical tools for channel administrators: a counter of views and user reactions. This week we also launched the channel catalog, so finding interesting channels to your taste has become much easier. We also added a counter of views in group chats.

In the first quarter, we added two new types of posts — albums and preview links. Now channel owners can use these tools to collect more diverse and beautiful posts, and to read the channels more fun and easier.

Well, a few words about our plans. In the next quarter, we will continue to improve our calls and channels by adding new article functionality and making calls more stable. In addition, we are planning to add money transfers to Android in a test mode.

Stay tuned for the latest news!

Always yours, Gem4me team

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