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Good afternoon friends.

In our world, almost every IT company has its own business analyst on every project. Gem4me has two such specialists. Why do we need them?

The main task of a business analyst is to work with requirements. Requirements is a document that describes a particular functionality (its properties, in what scenarios it should work). Requirements can be very different - from process optimization or detailed functional requirements for a product to the development of a completely new concept.

A business analyst is the link between the wishes of the customer and the capabilities of the developers, so he must be able to communicate and defend his positions. Without the negotiation ability, developed critical thinking and the ability to make decisions, a business analyst is unlikely to be successful in a company. A high level of technical knowledge is not so important for him, but you need to understand that you will have to constantly learn new things in this position.

What are business analysts doing at Gem4me? For example, they develop requirements for new functionality. Let's say users are asking for the ability to mark a chat as unread. The team agrees that the feature will be useful to everyone. But how this function will work is up to the business analyst to figure out. And this is not as easy as it seems at first glance, because you need to provide for a variety of situations - from the features of the functionality in chats of different types to the moment the system reacts if the user suddenly loses the connection.

The work of a business analyst is complex and associated with a wide variety of challenges: it is not enough just to describe the requirements, you also need to coordinate them with all participants so that customers are satisfied, and developers can implement their plans. You always have to be mindful of the trade-offs, the real cost of each step, and maintain the right attitude in the team. And after developing the requirements, the business analyst does not withdraw from work, he is needed in the process at every stage, because developers, designers and testers are likely to have questions or ideas on how to present the functionality better.

Sometimes a business analyst finds it especially difficult - for example, when the wishes of customers change dramatically during the development process. But a regular search for the best solution is not always a quick and easy process. So the work of a business analyst is difficult, but the reward is worthwhile. And we're not even talking about money now. Seeing how the functionality you conceived comes to life, how more and more people start to use it - these are the best emotions that can be experienced at work.

We love our business analysts very much and try to make them proud of everything we do. And, by the way, the functionality of “mark chat as read” was mentioned for a reason - you will see it already on September 22, with a new update.

Stay in touch!

Always yours, Gem4me team

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