Team blog GEM4ME №135


Hello everyone.

Today we'll tell you about our existing chatbots and plans to launch new bots.

A chatbot is a software that simulates a conversation with the user in text form using artificial intelligence and natural language. It can provide answers to questions, perform tasks, or provide information automatically. Chatbots can be integrated into various platforms such as messengers, websites or mobile apps and can improve the efficiency and quality of customer interactions.

Chatbots can be used to solve various problems, such as:

  1. User service: Chatbots can provide quick and convenient answers to frequently asked questions.
  2. Process Automation: Chatbots can automate simple tasks such as filling out forms, moderating chat messages, or ordering goods, which can save time and improve efficiency.
  3. Improved “User Experience”: Chatbots can provide problem solving assistance, which can improve the user experience.

All in all, chatbots can provide a fast, convenient, and efficient way to interact with customers and improve their experience.

Several chatbots are already working in our messenger. At the end of last year, we launched a bot for creating private stickers, and now every user can transfer their favorite stickers to our messenger. We currently have two new chatbots in development:

  • AI chatbot to answer any questions and generate pictures according to the description. This chatbot will answer questions on any topic, help in making decisions and provide recommendations and advice.
  • Chatbot wallet for working with cryptocurrency. With the help of this chatbot, any user will be able to create their own crypto wallet, as well as receive and send cryptocurrencies.

We plan to launch both bots by the end of this spring.

Stay with us!

Always yours, Gem4me Team