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Good afternoon friends.

On September 1, children went to school, students went to college, and our messenger received another descent update. We tested it for several days, and at last we are ready to tell you about all the innovations. So what do we have?

Customizable access levels in group chats

Starting with the current release, the owner and administrators of group chats will be able to customize the list of actions that will be available to regular members of the group chat. The list of custom actions is:

  • start a group call;
  • start a conference;
  • invite new users to the chat;
  • pin the message in the chat.

By default, any user can only start a group call and invite new users.

Increasing the maximum number of pinned chats

Everything is simple, but no less interesting. Previously, the number of pinned chats was limited to ten. Now we have increased their number to 25. The next step in the development of functionality is the ability to sort within the list of pinned chats.

New features for Android and Web

In addition to cross-platform novelties, the current release on Android has the functionality of draft articles (now you can schedule publication in the messenger in advance), and on the web platform we have expanded the text formatting menu with the item “Create hyperlinks”. To create a link in the web version, you just need to select the desired text and insert the address to which the transition will occur when clicked.

Stay in touch!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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