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Good afternoon friends.

Another quarter of 2021 has ended, it’s time to take stock and talk about plans by the end of the year.

During this quarter, we successfully updated Gem4me four times, and each release included not only bug fixes and improvements to existing functionality, but also completely new functionality.

The most significant and largest functionality that we launched over these three months is customizable access levels in group chats. Now the owner and administrators of group chats can customize the list of actions available to other users. For example, it is administrators who decide who can make calls, invite other users, etc. In addition, we launched the PWA version, which allows you to download the messenger and work with it as with a normal installed application on your computer. We also launched the drag and drop functionality for files and media in Gem4me.

Improving the existing functionality also took us a lot of time. During this quarter, we completely revised the logic for displaying and sorting the list of participants in chats and channels, added a new owner role, and also changed the banning logic in group chats and channels to be more convenient. In addition, we revised our system messages about calls, divided them into two types — about starting and ending a call, and made a convenient «intro» that tells new users about Gem4me’s capabilities.

Now about our plans. Until the end of the year, we have identified three areas that we will actively develop: the first is the functionality of channels and articles, the second is online broadcasts, and the third is call recording. And we have already begun to prepare New Year and Christmas surprises for you. So don’t miss it!

Stay in touch!

Always yours, Gem4me team

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