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The “Make Your Career” Promotion


Dear partners! We are pleased to introduce the new “Make Your Career” promotion, which will allow for partners to receive increased packages of shares when closing new career qualifications and advancing up on the career ladder! 

Please note, complimentary shares increase dramatically during the period of this promotion, the higher the career qualification that a partner obtains, the more shares he or she will receive! This is a wonderful start for all new partners and an ambitious growth  motivator for the leaders! 

Conditions of the promotions: partners receive increased packages of complimentary shares (Table 1) when in compliance with the set conditions for closing career qualifications, as well as, prompt achievement of new qualifications prior to deadlines.

Table 1. Issuance of complimentary shares for achieving career qualifications 

Validity period of the promotion: October 11 — December 31 of 2021.

Validity period of this promotion is limited, be sure to fully take the advantages offered!  

We wish both you and partners blistering financial accomplishments and a rapid growth up on the career ladder!  

Gem4me: earn with us! 

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