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The “Receive an Option for Shares — 2” Promotion


Dear partners!  We are pleased to introduce a new promotion that allows to purchase packages of shares at very profitable prices!  

Conditions of the promotion: 

When making a purchase of any package during the validity period of the promotion a buyer receives an option to purchase packages in February-December (same or of lower value) at a profitable price: the cost of a package through the option will be 70% of the cost of the same package at the time of its purchase in February-December.

Please note! The prices of Go, Biz, Premium, and Invest packages have increased as of June 22, while the amount of shares in larger packages has also decreased. As the result, starting June 22 the cost of a package via an option will be 70% of the current cost of a particular package at the time the option is realized. The amount of shares in packages purchased via options will remain the same as it would with the purchase of a standard package.

Please note:

  • An option allows you to purchase a package (the same package that was purchased in Fabruary-December or of lower nominal value) at a discounted price. 
  • A purchase using an option can be made in Fabruary-December.
  • The option can be applied only towards personal purchases or transferred to a different partner. Secondary transfers are not available. 
  • When a partner uses the option his/her sponsor receives points and shares (according to the standard marketing plan, depending on the investment status) and does not receive personal bonus.
  • Purchasing a package with the option increases both the partner’s and the sponsor’s CCA and investment statuses, similar to purchasing a standard package. 
  • When making several purchases, a partner receives the same amount of options as the amount of his/her purchases. 
  • When purchasing large packages of shares a partner also receives options (in accordance to the purchased packages).  
  • One’s options can be used to accumulate large packages in one’s account (from Super Package and above). Additionally, options received from another partner can also be used to accumulate large packages in one’s account (from Super Package and above).
  • Options received by a partner from various logins will not be calculated towards accumulation of large packages. 
  • Purchases through options are not accumulated towards the 11th salary. 

Validity period of the promotion: February 2 of 2021 through December 13 of 2021. 

Gem4me: earn with us! 

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